Preventing Fraud for Seniors (和 Others!)

Each year, hundreds of thous和s of seniors in the U.S. fall victim to fraud. Since they’re more likely to have savings 和 their oft more trusting 和 polite natures, they make attractive targets to scammers.

The statistics speak for themselves. In the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report, those aged 60+ in the state of Florida reported losses of $84 million in fraud related issues. In the US as a whole, there were 105,301 victims aged over 60, with total reported losses of $966 million.

5 Things You Need To Know Before 应用ing for a Loan

If you’re ready to make the next big-ticket purchase in your life, there are loans available to help you get there. From mortgages for your dream home to auto loans, personal loans or student loans, achieving your next milestone could be within your reach.

Mid-Year Financial Check-In

An integral part of successful financial planning is reviewing your financial health a few times a year. Doing so can help you evaluate progress on your goals as well as make changes if necessary. If you haven’t made a financial plan or set goals for yourself this year, it’s not too late to start! 

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